Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Workshop Rock - WishList

I began with a year-long linear wishlist to move toward a defined plan and time line.(You should see the drawing!)

Workshop Rocks Wish List - Weekly unless noted

I. Reading - dialectical journal (?) Some type of reading response??

A. conference(s) - student/parent/teacher/book clubs
B. Academic Language Comment
C. Vocabulary Inquiry/Connection
D. Comprehension piece comment: question, monitoring...etc.
E. Genre properties/40 book progress

II. Writing

A. Journal - open - absolutely free choice - OhLife!, Google Docs-
B. Piece a Week - towards preparation/scaffold for curricular piece or OER
C.. Brush Stroke/Voice Lesson Practice Homework – Alternate each week
D. Collaborize – on line - responses, comments, posts – per 2 weeks
E. Recording of written work progress - (How to make this a genuine reflection? Frequnecy??)

III. Language of Opportunity

A. Teacher/Student/ Visual Thesaurus generated – Word Power
B. Weekly word activity
C. Academic Language? Undetermined

IV. Speaking/Listening/Presenting

A. Conferences - reading with teacher notes
B. iPadio Book Club pod casts – frequency determined by club – 1 per 3 week period
C. Book critiques – tied to 40 Book requirement and technology presentation – frequency under consideration
D. Technology presentation – 1 per 3 week period
E. Seminar Participation – Inner-Outer-Outer Circle- Etiquette of conversation transferred to Netiquette and Videquitte – Likely 6 week period to have 100% assessed

V. 21st Century Learning – Weaved through Rocks/Curriculum

A. Project/Problem/Passion BL - Global project – Future Studies in Stages - Fall semester – skill acquisition, Spring Semester - Implementation
B. Flow – Collaboration Skill: Collaborize, Wiki, Google Apps,
C. Personal Learning Network – platform selection, creation, maintenance, participation, and concept of Pull technologies
C. Media Literacy
1. Study of film as literary genre – consumption, critical analysis, and creation
2. Focus tied to curricular piece – ex. Documentary – expository/persuasive
D. Global Awareness - issue study – scaffold for global project, expository study
E. Digital Citizenship
F. Distance Skills – Skype, Google+, Black Board Collaborate,

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